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  1. Suami
    Jacko20...don’t waste your time on a VE 6 cylinder; buy an 8. Watch out for timing chains lads; the VEs are renowned for it; some of the VF sixes suffer the same. Happy driving
  2. Suami
  3. Suami
    That’s a very nice rig brother....Ford blue on a Commy ? Who cares; it looks wicked mate. I would be proud too
  4. kode
    I thought it was tourmismo mica when I Frist got it untill it came time to get colour matched to fill fill in stone chipe
  5. mpower
    i don't know how i feel about Ford blue on a Holden.
  6. Chuckmeister
    Thats a VERY tidy looking unit. I'm a bit hit and miss on fr-1's but its a big hit especially with those calipers and rotors setting things off with the gold paint. Also impressed with the panel gaps especially the front bumper clip. My bumper...
  7. Gary Winterbottom