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2 work in progress vehicles (VS-VX)

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    3.8 VS Commodore Berlina
    -rear brakes
    -left tail light
    -reverse lights

    Main needs:
    -new interior
    -rear 3 point spoiler (old one was stolen)
    -rear bumper fix
    -front bumper fix
    -removal of fake hsv decal
    -transmission change
    -rewiring for majority of vehicle
    -new harmonic balancer (might put on supercharger from other VS model)
    -ecu adjustments (aftermarket)
    -paintjob (might go with a dark metallic red (keeping red for less paperwork with insurance and registration))
    -new exhaust

    any suggestions please let me know. I'd love any input/advice on how to go about sprucing this one up as a performance vehicle.

    3.8 VX Commodore Acclaim
    -brake lines
    -received new brake callipers
    -replaced rear bumper

    Main needs:
    -paint job
    -brake disc rotors
    -interior cleanup
    -new wheels
    -windshield washer pump
    -boot hatch repairs

    any suggestions please let me know. This vehicle isn't my main priority as its not with me at this moment but any input/advice on sprucing this one up as a run-around vehicle would be much appreciated.
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    Go an get them both Dino’d for a start an bring up the power about 80 to 100 rwkw an go from there.
    You’ll love the difference in power that’s for sure.

    Then maybe mess around with getting them lowered for a sportier drive feel.
  2. Kimbug
    hi i recently acquired a '98 VS Royale 2.5 ltr and it has lost all power when leaving an intersection several times, any thoughts would be a big help, thanks. your projects looking good!
  3. BanjoPads
    Remove decal with Prepsol! If it’s one of those raised Chrome dipped plastic badges or whatever then some fishing line and the missus hairdryer will do the trick! Just heat up the adhesive behind badge and then take fishing wire flush with the body of the vehicle and create a “sawing” motion back and forth until you get from one side of the badge to the other.
    Clean any residue with prepsol or detergent!
  4. gr33nbastad
    Priority number 1: -removal of fake hsv decal :)
  5. VS_Pete
    Hope to see more mate.:)