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2012 Holden Commodore SV6 VE Series II Auto MY12

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  • Beautiful car.


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  1. Suami
    Jacko20...don’t waste your time on a VE 6 cylinder; buy an 8. Watch out for timing chains lads; the VEs are renowned for it; some of the VF sixes suffer the same. Happy driving
  2. Jacko20
    Hey champ I was just asking do you have a modified exhaust if so what are you running, I have a 2012 omega ute series 2 and I’ve tried two twin straight through tips and also have tried two single straight through tips and it sounds horrible, just would like my car sounding a little better, would appreciate the reply thanks.
    1. Bailey Edgerton
      Hey Jacko thanks for the comment, sorry for the late response. I just have the regular stock exhaust setup. In my opinion, I'd prefer my car to sound quiet, than to drone or sound ****, so I just run stock. Also, to be fair, the stock SV6 Series II exhausts actually don't sound all that bad when you drive like a usual commo driver haha. I solely intend on my car to look nicer, I don't really worry about sound or performance on a SV6. No real point imo. Thanks again Jacko! :)
      Bailey Edgerton, Aug 13, 2019
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