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95 VS S v8 ute

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  • Owned ute for around 5 years now, had the wheels, resprayed front, new headliner and exhaust already done when i got it, I scored a canopy for it real cheap which I use for surf missions/camping but its heavy as so much better with it off.
    Recently had to replace fuel pump, and replaced ignition system- dizzy, coil(relocated to firewall), ignition module.
    Due for a wof at the moment so gave it a treat with a good clean up and tidying up a few small things, removed the canopy and the alloy nudge bar/parking sensor which i reckon improves it muchly.

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  1. CatchUpNextTime
    "Always loved that colour and vs utes age so well"

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  1. au2000
    nice pick up.. ive just joined the club myself last week picking up a VS ute with a 5 speed & 5 litre .. I was wondering if getting a canopy for it would be a good idea but I think you have just answered my question
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    2. El_mackerel
      Then just take the boards out, pop down the clamps and finish my vb’s before they go hot in the sun.
      Takes 10min now with minimal effort instead of over an hour or so and a week recovering from ruining your back lifting the thing up.
      Having it sitting on the pallet n wheels makes it easy to stash away when its off 2- just roll it around to a good spot out of the way instead of staggering round to the nearest spot thats not a walkway.
      El_mackerel, Jan 9, 2020
    3. El_mackerel
      it’s a handy thing to have on there to open up the tailgate for shelter when you get out the water from a mid winter surf & the southerly’s blasting straight off the ranges and the rain feels like someone is spraying ice at u while you’re taking forever to get ya wettie off with numb hands.
      El_mackerel, Jan 9, 2020
    4. El_mackerel
      Tomorrow morning im gonna get all that printed & bound then publish a novel
      El_mackerel, Jan 9, 2020