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VT SS1 manual

  • Hey all,

    New member here, just sharing my VT SS 5.0 manual I picked up last month. Mostly standard at the moment, has a nice sound out the back, 178000kms, interior is really clean. 1 main downside that she has a rough idle every now and then but overall nice to drive.

    Hopefully get the VTSS stroked to 355, (hopefully with 6-7k budget) for now we'll see if I can get it done in the next month or 2 somewhere in S.A.

    ****EDIT: Change of plans, mate is building a 355 engine so ill engine swap this and get the original motor rebuilt to back to mint clean while I drive the 355 motor in it, just waiting on him to sell it to me :D Cheaper option and can still keep the motor original
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  1. gr33nbastad
    Looking good. Might have to ask Santa for some new wheels though ;)
  2. ..Will..
    very nice.