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[NSW] 2000 VX Berlina LS1 V8 (SOLD)

Discussion in 'Vehicles For Sale' started by John Revill, Jul 6, 2018.

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    Feb 7, 2018
    Jordan Springs NSW
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    ITEM: Holden Commodore VX 2000 Berlina LS1 V8

    PRICE: $6,000 Negotiable

    LOCATION: NSW, Jordan Springs 2747 (Near Penrith)

    YEAR: Build 10/2000

    SERIES: VX Series 1

    BADGE: Berlina

    ENGINE: LS1 5/7L V8

    TRANSMISSION: 4 Speed Automatic

    COLOUR: Holden Shanghai Red Pearl

    EXTERIOR CONDITION: Paint has been well looked after with regular washing and waxed. There are a couple of stone chips on the bumper and bonnet, but the panels are perfectly straight.

    INTERIOR CONDITION: Clean and in good condition. But is showing it's age in some areas like the plastic trims on the side of the drivers seat is cracked.

    WHEELS: 19x8" XHP Saber Alloys fitted with Altenzo Sport Conforter 245/35 19 Tyres

    TYRE CONDITION: 70% front and rear


    ODOMETER: 196853

    SERVICE HISTORY: Limited Service history.

    REGO OF CAR: Registered in NSW

    REGO TILL: Expires Nov 2018


    RWC: N/A



    CONTACT DETAILS: jrevill@optusnet.com.au, 0415 235 424 (Call or SMS) or just PM me.

    This is a well looked after Daily Driver to the current owned for the past 9 years. It has been regularly serviced and has had extensive work done over the years.

    The LS1 Engine was rebuilt at approx 100,000km with a mild cam installed. A 4inch Intake pipe from a HSV GTS (C4B, MAF has been removed), a Mafless tune and Auto remap was done, getting 227rwkw (Estimated at over 300kw at the engine), Up from 160rwkw Stock. The ECU has been tuned on 98 Premium but will run fine on 95.

    Automatic 4 Speed Transmission was replaced 70,000km ago with a heavy duty transmission with Z Pac Clutches and High Performance Servos and torque converter. The transmission builder claims it can handle 500hp all day. It has a nice sharp gear change that is fast, but not uncomfortable. Transmission has been services every 20,000kms.

    Mafless Tune Final Dyno Run Video

    0-100 Video

    19" XHP Saber Alloys fitted with Altenzo Sport Conforter 245/35 19 Tyres with good tread.

    Fitted with FE2 sports suspension package.

    The Twin 2.5" Exhaust is not too loud or drony (I do a lot of highway driving), but it does let everyone know it's a V8.

    The Paint is in very good condition with regular waxing. The panels are very straight. Colour is Holden Shanghai Red Pearl.

    It represents great value at $6,000. Vehicle registration expires Nov 2018.

    - Keyless Entry
    - Power Steering
    - Cruise Control
    - Tinted Windows
    - Front & Rear Power Windows
    - Front cup holders
    - Front and Rear Aircon Vents
    - Power drivers seat
    - Climate Control Air Conditioning (Needs re-gas)
    - Mud Flaps
    - Full Size Alloy Spare
    - Metalic Paint (Red)

    Safety features include
    - 4 Airbags
    - Antilock brakes (ABS)
    - Traction Control

    PICTURES: (More photos available on request)
    20180529_123905s.jpg 20180410_124138s.jpg 20180410_164925s.jpg 20180410_124758s.jpg 20180526_122644s.jpg IMG_5523s.JPG IMG_5524s.JPG 20180410_164907s.jpg 20180526_124218s.jpg Dyno Run 226.6KW 308RWHP_Small.jpg
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